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Begin to live your life’s purpose!

For over 50 years the Silva Method has been taught worldwide helping people develop the power of their minds. A live seminar is the most effective method to learn this life changing system as it provides instruction and live coaching directly from the instructor over the course of seminar. It also provides a fantastic enviroment for connecting with like minded people.

Take a well deserved Silva Method meditative retreat in Toronto and get results faster!



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The Silva Method in Toronto – Seminar dates

Over 6 million graduates – including Doctors, Scientists, Artists and Entrepreneurs – over 5 decades have used the Silva Method to create an extraordinary life for themselves and experience the full extent of their intuitive capabilities.

The Silva 4 Day Immersion Experience

The most effective way to experience the benefits of the Silva method is to take the 4 day immersion experience over 2 consecutive weekends. The course content of the two sections are described below.

Silva Life System (SLS) – Part I (2 days)

Contains techniques to master your mind and body. The techniques help you to overcome stress, use your dreams to solve problems, improve your memory, manifest your goals without stress, improve your grades at all levels of education, manage discomfort and pain, go to sleep without the use of drugs, improve your relationships, live more lovingly, find lost items and enhance the use of your intuition.

The SLS is the necessary foundation to take charge of your life – wherever you are currently.

The Silva Intuition System (SIS) – Part 2  (2 days)

The Silva Intuition System is the heart and soul of the Silva Method a truly transformation weekend.

During these two days you will develop your intuition to make better decisions, make decisions faster even without all the information, solve problems creatively, find inspiration, develop spiritually, learn how to help your family and friends, improve your abilities to better communicate with children and pets whether a dog, a cat or a horse, learn how to manifest for yourself and heal old wounds. It is the key to find your life’s purpose.

The second weekend of the program is truly a lifechanging experience!


The Silva Method Is Not For Everyone!

A Silva Seminar is not the typical personal development motivational seminar which promises you a quick fix or immediate abundance. The Silva Method is a PROVEN Life Skills program. It gives you a STEP-BY-STEP proven system for mastering your life by tapping into the latent potential of your mind. You will learn how to take control of any aspect of your life from inside you. Developed more than 50 years ago, Neuroscience and pyschology is just starting to understand why the Silva Method works. The Silva Method is:

  • Reliable
  • Scientifically Proven
  • Easy to Learn

It will teach you the skills to master your life, if you choose to do so. All you will need to do is enjoy the process as you learn and have fun applying the techniques you learn in the seminar in just 5 to 15 minutes a day.

Why Is A LIVE Silva Event More Effective Than Home Study CDs?

The 4-Day Immersion Program which includes the Silva Life and Intuition System with Stephen is an energetic, concentrated 4 day experience that is very high IMPACT. As one of the participants you will receive personalized attention, ability to ask questions directly from the instructor and exchange experiences with both new and returning Silva graduates.  You will receive the  personalized attention you desire and deserve.

There is something magical with the LIVE GROUP experience; participants bond, connect, share, make new friends and find new perspectives. In fact participants become one of the community. You become part of a new community instead of feeling like you are alone in the world.

A live event is much more powerful than just listening to audio CD’s. A live event will transform your brain cells creating a dynamic shift in the way you approach life. The changes you or the other people affect each other multiplying the effect of the event for you. Whether you have set new goals or taking the time to create a mental housecleaning you will go through a process of personal transformation. And this is just basic pyschology!

This community you will join is like joining a tribe. When one member in the tribe shifts and then begins to change others, the whole group shifts together drastically improving the results you will achieve. You will be much more likely to sustain that change and follow through with the commitment to yourself.

This is what you will get from a live seminar!

  • Four days packed with more than 15 Mind empowering tools and direct experience with our trademark in-depth and personalized training system, which we’ve perfected through nearly 5 decades of working with people from all walks of life. Silva seminars with Ken are an intimate experience and are limited to the first 27 to register.
  • Two complete student resource manuals detailing all the tools and techniques for your home review and support.
  • A Lifetime of Tuition FREE Review Privileges for a small nominal seat charge.
  • Bonus Complimentary 90 minute (mp3) coaching review and expansion session teleconference to make sure you clearly understand how to apply and best benefit from Silva.
  • A Free 30-minute coaching session with Stephen Dobos
  •  Eligibility to attend specialized Silva Advanced Graduate Support Programs
  • and Workshops for your on-going education.
  • A Conditional Money Back Guarantee. The Silva Method is not a “Quick Fix”. The Silva Method is a proven Mind Technolo gy process that we guarantee your satisfaction, as long as you attend and complete the entire four-day program. If upon completion of the 4 days you are not satisfied, simply do not accept your certificate and request a refund. More importantly Silva works when you apply it.
  • Free phone and/or email support from the Silva team in Toronto.
  • A World Class Intructor – Stephen Dobos – has trained hundred of people in life skills, leadership in corporate and non profit environments and will bring the most out of you over the 4 day program.

The perfect setting for self development

Humber College - North Campus

A quiet and relaxed setting with plenty of free parking and easy access by highway.

Address: 205 Humber College Blvd., Toronto, ON M9W 5L7

The perfect setting for self development

Do you have a question?

email us at

call us at 647 966 8706

You deserve this retreat so book your seat and prepare yourself to grow.

When is the program taught?

To experience your full potential the Silva 4-Day Immersion experience is the way to go. The 4 day program is typically taught over 2 consecutive weekends and sometimes over long weekends it is taught over 4 consecutive days. Please find details of the courses below.

Transform your life today.

Seminar Dates in Toronto in 2016

THE 4 Day Immersion Experience


 Silva Life System & Silva Intuition System

2016 DATES:

Jan 16-17 & 23-24

April 9-10 & 16-17

May 7-8 &  14-15  (in Hungarian) 

June 4-5 & 11-12

September 17-18 & 24-25

November 5-6 & 12-13


January, April, June, September and November – Humber College North Campus

May – Rakoczi Vill, 747 St Clair Avenue W

Seminars may also be held at the Toronto Botanical Gardens, 777 Lawrence Ave East

* scroll down for payment information and options

The perfect setting for self development

 The ideal place for a Silva Method retreat.

Address: 777 Lawrence Ave East, Toronto, ON at corner of Leslie St & Lawrence Ave

By Car: Exit 401 at Leslie Street, go South to Lawrence, or Exit DVP at Lawrence Ave, go west.

TTC: Take the no 54 bus from Eglington Subway Station and get off at the Lawrence Avenue stop.


The perfect setting for self development

Do you have a question?

email us at

call us at 647 966 8706


Enjoy the gardens during the breaks, or bring your lunch and enjoy the picnic facilities all around. Eat at the local Edwards Gardens cafe offering sandwiches and coffee.

You will also find several restaurants and supermarkets at the nearby malls. It’s only a 2 minute drive to the Shops at Don Mills located at Don Mills & Lawrence Ave. Several other malls are only 5 minutes away.

You deserve this retreat so book your seat and prepare yourself to grow.


Reserve your seat now and save with Early Bird pricing.

Seminar Registration Fee Early Bird Students/Seniors Refresher
Silva Life System $599 $490 $450 $59
Silva Intuition System $599 $490 $450 $59
4 Day Immersion Program $1,190 $990 $790 $110
Early Bird fees must be paid minimum 7 days prior to program start.
Students (full-time/under 22)  Only valid with student card. / Seniors (over 65).



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Choose fee options below
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For Silva Graduates before 2012
If you graduated from Silva Intuition System before 2012 use these fees:
Silva Intuition System Includes 40% new material $259
4 Day Immersion Program Includes 40% new material $319

Conditions Apply:

  • Early birds, please register one week in advance to ensure your spot.
  • Do you need staggered payments? Call us at 647 966 8706
  • Refresher fees, only applicable for Silva Graduates with a valid Silva ID and/or certificate of completion, repeating the same seminar. Any questions, please email us for details.
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