What is the Silva Method?

The Silva Method is a research-based, simple, practical, easy-to-learn self-development method that gives us the ability to use a much larger percentage of our minds to better solve our everyday problems.


One of the key tools of the Silva Method is relaxation or meditation, which has been proven to decrease stress, a major contributor to illness.

Anyone of any race or religion or belief, whether atheist or agnostic, can master the skills to enhance his or her life in just 15 mintues a day.


What you'll learn in our core program, the Silva Life System

  • Get help when you want it from your higher self

  • Develop whole-brain thinking

  • Create powerful affirmations

  • Fall asleep naturally, without medication

  • Use your dreams to solve problems

  • Use visualization to improve your life

  • Learn mental texting - no subsription required :-)

  • Get rid of migraines or headaches forever

  • Solve problems quickly

  • Improve your memory

  • Develop your creativity

  • Activating the power in your mind to manifest goals

  • Get rid of pain

  • Learn faster and get better marks

  • Break bad habits in 30 days, without willpower

  • Connect to the Google of the Universe

  • Heal yourself

  • Create a mental laboratory to solve problems

  • Communicate with people mentally

  • Develop your clairvoyant abilities

  • Overcome fear of public speaking

  • Connect with your highest intelligence, intuition

How does it work?

There is more to your mind than you think. By using your mind differently, you are literally capable of Superpowers!

Have you heard the saying "You are what you think you are"? Well, it's true.
It has been shown to be true time and time again. Your thoughts are you greatest enemy..but that can be changed.

We all limit ourselves in some way. These limitations constrain our minds which in turn run our life. Yet changing this pattern by ourselves can be quite overwhelming because the tools we are using are not effective enough to make these changes easily. The Silva Method offers you better tools.


Tools that are easy to learn......Tools that are easy to use....Tools that you can use to help your family & friends...help
your pets. Tools that you can use to help yourself. Tools that are with you wherever you go. 

The Silva Tools are more than techniques, they are transformational!

Here are some of the benefits graduates have experienced

  • Reduce and manage stress

  • Wake up when you want to without an alarm clock

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Get rid of your headaches without medication

  • Earn more money

  • Find your true purpose

  • Find a romantic partner

  • Learn faster and more effectively

  • Heal yourself from illness

  • Get rid of migraines once and for all

  • Achieve your objectives more easily

  • Learn how to quickly control bleeding

  • Overcome bad habits effortlessly

  • Get a raise or a better job

  • Learn how to harness the use of your intuition* 

  • Make better decisions

  • Communicate mentally with others

  • Improve your relationships

  • Decrease pain and so much more