About Our Experiential Workshops

The Silva Life System – Weekend 1

The techniques have been scientifically tested and proven by hundreds of scientists. The most famous is Dr. Herbert Benson MD, Professor of Medicine for Mind Body Medicine at Harvard Medical School. The techniques you will learn are proven to decrease stress, anxiety, cholesterol and blood pressure; improve memory, personal performance, sports performance; accelerate the manifestation of your goals; improve your sleep and overcome sleep disorders easily; earn more money; you will even learn to use your dreams to solve problems, communicate with love and improve your relationships, to live more lovingly.

If this isn't enough, then the second weekend of the program will be a truly life-changing experience.  BOOK HERE

Meditation by the Sea

The Silva Intuition System (SIS) – Weekend 2

During these two days you will develop your intuition to make better decisions, even without all the information being available, and find creative solutions to problems which have been ongoing for some time. You will learn simple methods to access your intuition quickly and accurately and with confidence.

Spiritually, you will discover the purpose you are meant to fulfill in this life and find the inspiration to carry you forward on the path to fulfill on this.  BOOK NOW

The Silva Method is truly an experiential program. The Experiences you will have will be life altering!.

  • You will learn to communicate mentally with others especially with pets

  • Improve your health and wellbeing in only 15 minutes a day or heal others with the power of your mind

  • Communicate mentally with your children or loved ones, even thousands of miles away

  • Finally, you will gain skills that can be used to dramatically improve health conditions for yourself and others

  • All your desires are possible to attain through the Silva Method. BOOK NOW

Millions of people around the world have healed chronic ailments including Multiple Sclerosis (MS), cataracts, tumors, cysts and many more while others have used the system to improve their eyesight, become pregnant, regrow 8mm of their finger (true story!!), enlarge their breasts and even change the colour of their hair!

Although this is not the real purpose of the techniques, it gives some idea of what is possible from this program. BOOK NOW