What is the Abundance Membership?

The Silva Method* is a life changing system! It won't happen over night and it will take lots of practice and sometimes refreshers! The Abundance Membership is the newest member of our Abundance Series, developed by Stephen Dobos. The Abundance Membership is our way of making it easy to re-centre with a central site, where you can visit to learn more about the Silva Method and meditate. We also keep members up to date with upcoming events and promotions, as well as weekly inspiration and encouragement newsletters!

Life Changing Practices!

The life changing power of The Silva Method is real, and changing your life is no small feat! That's why we created the Abundance Membership. It's free to join and gives you more information about who we are and what we do so you can see if it's right for you!

What can I do for Free?

Signing up free today will open lots of great opportunities. When you sign up, you will gain instant access to the Abundance Community Introduction; including a video overview on who The Silva Method is and why we think it's for everyone! We also hold regular Experience the Silva Method introduction classes!

Connection is a vital way to practice!

Learning new skills is always better when you aren't alone. We created the Abundance Membership to support each other in our journey to abundance, joy, and ease!

Begin your Silva Method Journey today!
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"Are you one of those people who feels that life is hard?
A 'hard' life is mainly the result of your resisting the law of attraction. I know it sounds counter-intuitive however, it's not your fault. It's something you learned throughout your life. But this can be changed. You can get back to a place where life is joy and ease - like it was when you were a child.

I will help you learn simple techniques that you can implement into your life so you can start enjoying all the abundance, joy and ease all around you.

Everyday, In EVERY way. I am getting Better, Better & BETTER"

Steven Dobos, Abundance Scientist and Coach

*The Abundance Series is developed by Stephen Dobos, the Director of Silva Method Canada and is not a Silva Method product or course.

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