How Meditation Can Help

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Meditation is an incredibly power yet simple way to transform your life. There are so many areas where it can help ward off negative emotions and increase positive feelings. When it comes to mindful meditation, Toronto residents can find many benefits. Here are some different ways that practicing meditation can help:

Pain Relief

Meditation can be a beneficial drug-free way to seek pain relief. Thanks to meditation, certain areas of the cerebral cortex can be thickened. There is a link between this thickening and a reduced sensitivity to pain. Especially for people who suffer from chronic pain and dislike the side effects of painkillers, meditation can be an ideal solution.

Fight Depression

While meditation may not cure depression, it can certainly help fight some of its symptoms, like battling the swirling cloud of negativity that may hang over the depressed. Mindfulness meditation, which is about living in the moment, being present, mindful, and observant, can be very beneficial.

Reduce Anxiety

If you experience anxiety, meditation can be very helpful to reduce your anxiety, and help you become relaxed and calm. Regular mediation can place you in a deeper state of relaxation and restful alertness. In this state, not only are stress and fatigue reduced, but calm and peacefulness are increased.


Studies show that people who practice meditation are more compassionate towards others. In fact, in controlled environments, meditators are twice as likely to assist people who are in pain, whereas people who do not meditate are less likely to help. Thanks to mindful meditation, Toronto residents are more likely to act in a virtuous manner.

Emotional Control

Not only do you feel calmer when actively meditating, but you will experience increased emotional control in everyday life as well. Mindful meditation reduces activation in the amygdala, the portion of the brain responsible for emotional reactions.

Change Your Brain

Did you know that the structure and function of your brain can actually change as a result of mindful meditation? Studies show that grey matter density in the hippocampus increases following just eight weeks of regular meditation. The hippocampus is the area of the brain associated with memory and learning. Neuroplasticity is an amazing thing, and with meditation, Toronto residents can help stimulate it.

Meditation is such a powerful and all-encompassing solution to many issues that trouble us in a daily lives. Connect with positivity and your true self through the calm and clarity produced by regular meditation.

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