How to Get a Better Job [using the Silva Method]


Sure! Listen to this true story.

A friend of mine, Szilveszter, met a girl who was an international summer student. They liked it other, but after 6 months she moved back to Latvia, her home country. Well, for about 6 months they flew back and forth visiting each other until my friend thought he needed more than this. He decided he?s gonna get a job in Latvia and move there. Only one problem ? he doesn?t speak Latvian or Russian (the other national language). So what to do?

Szilveszter decided to take things into his own hands. Having completed the Silva Method 4 day immersion program, he used the HoloViewing method to get himself a job. He programmed for about 6 months at alpha, while he took action at beta, the conscious level. His main action in Beta was searching for jobs in Latvia. Interestingly, he kept coming across a job which he found interesting, but he had no experience. Nonetheless he felt it was a sign and took action.

He contacted the company and sent them his application. Although he was blown off a couple times he decided to contact them again for an informal meeting, since he was travelling their to meet his girlfriend anyway. The HR Manager agreed and not expecting anything, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, he arrived at the office. After seating him down, the HR Manager left the room for several minutes without saying anything. Szilveszter thought he was being given a message. But he stayed. About 10 minutes later, the newly appointed CEO of the company sat down and had an informal chat with him which lasted one and a half hours. This was on Thursday afternoon. Before he caught his flight home on Monday, he received a written offer of employment from this company in Latvia.

To make this even more interesting, Szilveszter told me a couple of weeks ago that his relocation has been approved for him ? back to his original starting point. His country of origin. Not only will he be back home, but he will have an even better job, running a larger operation than before. Now that?s going full circle isn?t it?

This true story is enriching the lives of many people not just Szilveszter. He not only used the Silva Method to reach his goals but he took action, he did a good job and he never gave up. He had a plan to move back and he is. Where will this take him next? Who knows.? He is creating his own success though. This is probably the biggest learning we can have. It?s not necessarily the perfect resume that will provide you with the result you desire, but the objective you have in mind. Have you analyzed it? Is there an objective there for you that is clear? Are you visualizing it?

Think, do and believe to get what you desire.

And this is so.

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