Knowing your SELF in meditation

Updated: Jan 4

Meditation has many faces. Mindfulness, breathing techniques, dynamic meditation, visualization, deep concentration and even day dreaming or ‘tuning out’ are some of the forms of meditation.

There are many forms of meditation. The form most of us are familiar with is probably mindfulness meditation. A method of focused concentration on the present. That is, to focus on what is now and only now. This concentration frees the mind from the 60,000 or so thoughts we think daily and lets it rest. Resting the mind has many benefits, the most immediate physical benefit is the reduction or release of stress while some additional benefits include reducing blood pressure and increasing oxygen to our brains. In fact it is shown that 20 minutes of meditation is equivalent to three hours of sleep for our organs.

The Relaxation Response by Dr. Herbert Benson

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Apart from the physical aspect, freeing the mind also gives us a new perspective. We begin to observe the physical sensations of the bod

y; in a way we become ‘detached’ from that which we identify ourselves with.

When we identify ourselves with our body we become limited to experiencing life through our physical body. However, when we meditate and practice observing our body sensations, we rise above the physicalness of our existence. This rising above is more a spiritual experience and is conducive to - and scientifically proven - to help us connect with our true SELF.

According to Plato; “Plato contends that the true self of the human person is the “rational soul”, that is, the reason or the intellect that constitutes the person's soul, and which is separable from the body.” Philonotes

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Paramahansa Yogananda, explains meditational experiences of the Self in this way. “In this state of conscious sleep we become free from all thoughts and outer bodily sensations, and the Self gets opportunity to think of itself - it comes into the blissful state from time to time , according to the depth and frequency of its practice of meditation.” From the The Science of Religion

Mindfulness or concentrating on the present, or any of the above techniques are portals into this blissful state. Portals because meditation is a scientific technique which has benefits well beyond those researched in depth by Dr. Herbert Benson.

The daily practice of 20 minutes of meditation can decrease the effects of or even free you from many physical ailments starting with those that are stress related. Deeper daily practice practice aids in experiencing deeper levels of consciousness and exploring the Self through detachment to your physicalness. Ultimately, the scientific techniques of meditation will bring you into the blissful state. This is the state that we as spiritual beings who are living a physical existence innately desire as our ultimate goal in this life.

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Abundance, ease and joy.

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