Make money with your intuition!

"For nearly three decades, Laura Day has made a career of tapping her intuition to answer questions on behalf of corporate clients, and writing bestselling books about how everyday people can do the same thing for themselves." From an article by Jenni Avins

Laura Day is an intuitive and provides corporations a glimpse into the future by tapping her intuition. The information she is able to download is what she calls a "non-local flash of insight" or defines as "direct knowing". This information is not available from traditional data collection methods such as statistics, Google, the library or other published reports. It may be privy to only a few people or is secretly kept out of the public domain. Once this information is known, it provides an advantage to the knower.

From the above description, intuition may seem to some as a magical power. Instead, I would compare to it a Superpower. A superpower which does not require a cape like Superman or Wonder Woman's lasso. Intuition, our sixth sense, is already our own natural superpower, we just forgot how to tap it and make it work for us.

Use it or lose it.

Like any skill which we want to develop, there are certain steps we must take to develop it. Whether it's cooking or playing soccer, we will all have different levels of skill from the get-go. Taking that skill to the next level requires taking specific steps. The first one is to meditate regularly. Meditation calms the mind and helps us disconnect from the outer senses so that we are more receptive to our intuition. Like the radio, which is playing all the time, we will only hear it play when we tune into the channel. Learning to tune in and then experiencing intuition in our personal way is what the Silva Method is all about.

What are the practical applications of using our intuition?

  • Every mother experiences a direct knowing of their child's wellbeing. This is intuition.

  • Tune into the intentions of another person and know exactly what they need or want.

  • Make finding a new job easy. Apply to only one job and get it.

  • Experience a life of ease when you learn life's short cuts to get better results.

  • Increase your income by following your intuition's guidance.

  • Find the right soul mate or business partner.

  • Or just find lost items easily, without effort.

Whether you choose to use your intuition for helping corporate clients or finding your soul mate, the practical applications are endless. Almost everything is possible with the Silva Method. Almost. And that's our promise!

Abundance, joy and ease = The Silva Method

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