The Honeymoon Is Over

Ever notice that when you are new to doing something that is beneficial for you be that exercising, meditating or eating healthy, all these little positive successes show themselves. It could be you have more energy, that you can stay up longer, that you feel less stressed. Even though you are making extra effort all these positive results are created and you keep going until??.one day all the perks you were getting start to fade and you may even begin to think you want to give up. What?s going on?

This is a completely natural phenomena. It is part of taking action on something. It?s designed to test whether you are really committed to doing what you originally set out to do? But why is it so hard to keep going? Because we’re constantly fighting our brain?s hold on us to go back to being the way it was, because it?s?comfortable.

Our brain is like a biocomputer running on?an operating system that was designed based on decisions we made under strong emotional strain. During emotional strain our brains record the decisions very deeply and then it just continues following those decisions. It?s like a train on it?s track. The track is set. To change the direction, the whole track must be uprooted and put down again, hammered into the ground. And that takes effort, a lot of it.

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Luckily, the Silva Method was discovered to act like a huge track laying machine. The techniques learned in the program, when used as designed, it will reset the track almost effortlessly. Effortless doesn?t mean without work, but it means without the pain that you feel when you do only with will power. It?s the difference between a bird flying and an airplane. An airplane needs a lot of power and fuel to get off the ground until it can coast in the air, while the bird almost effortlessly takes the air and glides. That?s what the Silva Method does, it gives you wings to fly instead of lining up to get through customs. Register for the next Silva Method program in Toronto.


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