The most dangerous thought in the world

The most dangerous thought in the world

Thoughts are more powerful than you think

Maybe you have seen the movie “The Secret” or have read about how words can affect you, your health, your attitude, a plant i.e. talking to plants, and words can affect others as well. Well, until recently this was all scientific theory. Today it is reality. Neuroscience proves that words do affect your brain.?Not only your brain, but your health. The placebo effect proves this as does psychoneuroimmunology or the effect your thoughts have on your health.

Let me tell you how words affected my health. And how I changed that literally overnight.

For many years I was suffering from hemorrhoids. Although it’s not painful like giving labor [this is what I’ve been told] it is a very uncomfortable thing to live with. In fact it was so bad sometimes, that I would choose not to eat for a day or two because going to the bathroom was not pleasant. In fact, I avoided it. So I did was is expected in this case.

I?visited doctor several times?and got his advice and a couple prescriptions. That relieved some pain but didn’t solve it. Then I paid more attention to what I ate. I noticed that coffee and beer aggravated it so I didn’t drink those during such periods. That also helped speed recovery but didn’t solve it. I also paid attention to the early signs and was able to decrease the frequency of occurrences. However, all these remedies only alleviated the symptoms a bit but didn’t solve the problems. I wasn’t gonna go in for surgery because I believe God gave me my body for a reason and just cutting out a piece of it won’t actually solve the problem, it will just defer to a bigger problem. Then all of a sudden, like a bolt of lightening, I got an insight. Change what I’m saying and it will solve itself.?So what was this insight?

Let me tell you that this insight wasn’t mine actually but my wife’s. She was my mirror in this case as she had taken the Silva Method course as well. When I was telling her how much of a “pain in the ass” these hemorrhoids are, she said to me, “You know you use the phrase ‘pain in the ass’ a lot and you say it about a lot of things. Maybe you should stop using it?” Bamm! She’s right! I did say that phrase – pain in the ass – a lot. I said it about things I had to do but didn’t want to or ways I should behave but found to be too ‘painful’. Well hemorrhoids was painful enough.

So?with this insight I changed the phrase I use. I stopped saying out loud, “Pain in the ass” and I stopped thinking the same thing. And today if I catch myself thinking it, I just change it, “Ohh” and then I just move on. And since then, and now it has been over 5 years, not even a hint of hemorrhoids. No more cream, no more doctor no more anything to do with this. So what’s the benefit?

Well, lets look at a couple ways of valuing this benefit: Health, Financial and Personal.

Looking at it from the point of view of health, I think it’s a clear winner. No more suffering from an uncomfortable illness. No more creams to by. No more visits to the doctor. No more avoiding foods and bathroom just because.

Looking at it from a financial situation, we have a different calculation to make. First there is the cost of creams. Maybe $100 a year. Then there is the work time lost on doctors visits. I would make that at a cost of $100/hour taking into account the revenue lost during the period when I had to deal with this. Although not a huge hit, I would say about 5 hours a year or $500. So at a conservative estimate about $600 worth of health issue solved by changing a?single phrase in my vocabulary.

Finally, the personal benefit. Well this is the hardest to measure but the easiest to feel. Since solving my issue I didn’t have to avoid situations or events which may have aggravated in the past. In fact, I was much more free to do more things than ever before. Also, the doctor visits didn’t eat into my time anymore so I had more personal time. Time with my kids. My wife. This time is priceless.

Realizing all this value, I was surprised once again when my wife reminded me what effect a certain phrase – “Piss me off” – could have on my health……

Better and better,


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