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It’s not a typo. It’s the Law of Attraction! I am so certain of what I’ve accomplished in 2017 that it’s only a question of when in 2017 I’ll experience the result. So when in 2017? Here is an executive summary for you of how to achieve your 2017 with ease!

The foundational law of the universe – the Law of Attraction exists; ?it’s working right now and it’s creating for you exactly what you want, whether or not you are aware of what you want! Let me explain.

Just last week I was confronted with an extremely painful insight about my marriage. I was confronted with the reality, that in every interaction with my truly amazing wife ?gnes, my communication was silently aggravated with my ego wanting to prove her wrong ie. prove me right! No wonder I was frustrated and upset. I was acting like a five-year-old!!!?My ego was constantly putting out the?energy of making her wrong. Why would she even want to live with me?!!? Making her wrong was in the way of my accepting her, loving her and creating a beautiful life together, which we both cherish and commit to.

So Step No. 1 is to determine what in your life is not working as well as you would like it to. Now take a step back, and objectively look at that and ask yourself the quesion,?“What’s in the way?”. Write it down.

So I figured that out and it was painful. Now I’m free to create something extraordinary with her. A truly loving relationship, in which every interaction with her, whether it’s in my head or out in the world with her, I create deliberately. I have written down several feelings and images of what I want our relationship to be like,?I visualize it often, at least once a day silently and often in my ‘daydreaming’ mode. Every time I interact with her, it’s better than the last time. I know what I want it to look like and every interaction I learn something and I modify to improve my image if necessary.

Step No. 2 is to deliberately create that which you desire. To do so, you need to write down what it looks it. What does it feel like? What emotions are there? What colours are there? What do you smell? What do you hear? Use all your senses to create that amazing picture of what you desire. Visualize in meditation and daydream often.

Now that I have removed what was in the way, I created a new image of what I desire in my relationship. I see it, feel it, sense it, taste it, hear it and smell it. Using all my senses I visualize it fully and often. And I expect it. Expect it like I expect the bus to arrive or my car to start or my salary to be deposited into my bank account. It’s not forced, it’s just natural that it will happen. I don’t take it for granted but I expect it. I also appreciate it. It’s like watching a movie you have seen many times, you know how it will end and you still enjoy the flow.

Step No. 3 is to expect it,?naturally, as a matter-of-fact while appreciating every little bit of it. It’s like it’s in the past and present. That’s just the way it is.

It’s really amazing how amazing ?gnes is. I truly love being with her. She is so lovely, sweet, kind, thoughtful, helpful, sexy, smart, patient….and so much more. So when I am with her I have the intention of making the most love of that time. The thought I have is something like this -?Thanks for being here with me and loving me and putting up with me. I enjoy being here now with you and as I think of you now I intend to be here fully with you.?This moment I want you to know that I love you. I am communicating this with you with my being.

Step No. 4 is to live your intention in every moment in your life. Whether it’s brushing your teeth or baking a pie. To make that moment powerful, whether it’s 30 seconds or 5 minutes, be intentional. My grandmother cooked amazingly well. When she cooked I am sure she was intending something like this – My dear little grandson loves this soup and it makes me so happy that he likes it, I am using the best chicken for this soup today, I enjoy watching him eat and take seconds and sometimes even thirds. It’s such a joy to have him around.

Create your amazing 2017 today! Choose an area which isn’t working so well as you’d like it to, identify what’s in the way of it being better, create a new vision, expect it naturally and be intentional in your every moment and let it flow to you.

May God/Allah/ Source energy bless you today!


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