Tips to Silva Success

By attending Silva Method seminars you can learn to access a higher level of mental function using the Alpha level. Here are some tips to help you excel with the Silva Method:

Natural Thinking

The Silva Method allows you to enter a higher level of mental functioning. The alpha level is used when daydreaming or when people are under hypnosis. In this state your mind uses creativity and intuition in order to come up with solutions to resolve issues. When you are able to think at this level your mind does not create objections to new ideas. Instead it flows openly allowing you to see solutions without fear or misconceptions.

Personal Growth

When you are able to access your alpha level using centering techniques you will experience personal growth naturally. You will learn a more controlled approach to master your mind in order for you to reach your true potential.

Meditative State

The alpha level is a meditative state that also allows you to feel more relaxed. In this state of mind your body intuitively heals itself by blocking out the chatter and incessant thinking that keeps you from enjoying good health. You will be completely focused on well-being and success in a meditative state that keeps your mind regenerating naturally.

Perfect Focus

One of the keys to living a mindful life is to be able to remain focused on each task without distraction. You do not worry about what is ahead or in the past. You are completely absorbed in the moment. The Silva Method helps develop focus so your mental energy allows you to reach what you want and maintain spiritual awareness.


We are all born with intuition that helps us know automatically what we need to do. However as we become inundated with different information we lose our intuition. When you are able to function in the alpha level your intuition becomes enhanced. You will learn to make decisions that come without worry or objections that hold you back. Making quick, correct decisions using inherent feelings and focused logic will help you become efficient and stress free. The Silva Method Toronto seminars will teach you to focus on what can go right instead of what can go wrong. An intuitive mind free of objections and stress will help you discover Silva success.

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