Why You Should Attend a Live Silva Event

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

If you?ve decided the Silva Method is right for you, you may be uncertain whether to attend a live seminar or simply learn from audio coaching. When you consider the following points, there is little doubt that attending a live Silva event is by far the preferable option:

Receive Personalized Attention

When you listen to audio, the material is all predetermined and you do not have the ability to ask questions, learn from others around you, or truly interact at all. You want to put yourself in the best position to unlock your mind power. When you attend a live seminar, on the other hand, you can received personalized attention to suit your needs. The impact of a live experience with an energetic and caring instructor can?t be replicated any other way.

Magic of a Live Group Experience

Being able to share the journey with others is truly a magic undertaking. You will be able to bond and connect with other participants, sharing your unique perspectives and offering insight based on your own experiences. You will make new friends and become part of a new community of like-minded individuals. The feeling of support simply doesn?t exist when you listen on your own in a closed and sheltered environment.

Multiplying Effect

When you attend live events, there is something of a crowd effect where your experience and absorption of the material is increased by the energy and enthusiasm of the people around you. When you observe other people learning and successfully absorbing new information, your experience is also increased through a multiplying effect. If you attempt to learn the same information at home, you simply cannot benefit from this effect achieved only in the presence of other participants.

Increased Commitment

Results have proven that you are much more likely to follow through with the material, sustain change, and adopt the techniques in your daily life if you choose to attend a live session rather than listen to an audio version. The presence of an inspiring instructor, like-minded participants, and the example of successful graduates makes you far more likely to make the full commitment to life transformation and increased mind power through the Silva Method.

Bonus Audio

When you sign up for a live Silva event in Toronto, you also receive three - 45 minute interactive coaching review sessions and a 20 minute, private coaching call with the instructor. We want you to succeed and truly create a life of Joy & Ease.

A live seminar is a great immersive environment. It's a true experience and a chance to play with your mind, feel like a child again and open yourself up to a wonderful new world which is available to you. If you haven't yet, register now for a session unlock your mind power now.

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