Your Brain At Play

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Our brains are naturally wired to benefit from playing. We do this as children and continue in different ways in our more mature life. For example, an adult male, may buy 'toys' such as a motorcycle, or a motorboat; a rifle or a sports car, to enjoy his free time. An adult female, may instead go dancing, go shopping, explore the town, or do some other activity. These are considered appropriate for adult play.

During play, or any high stimulus experience, our brains are pretty active creating neural connections during this process to hardwire the skills or experiences being learned. For instance, a neuroscience white paper by Lego gives five Key Takeaways of play. These are: Joy, Meaningful, Active Engagement, Iterative and Socially Interactive. Joy the first and most important, in my opinion, states "Joy is associated with increased dopamine levels in the brain's reward system linked to enhanced memory, attention, mental shifting, creativity, and motivation." If this isn't a key need in life, I don't know what is.

The video below gives you a 3-minute view of these benefits in a playful way. This great video commissioned by the Lego foundation. Hope you enjoy it.

Have fun!

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