Your Ideal Place of Relaxation

If you feel tired, I recommend that you relax for five minutes. You'll notice that you feel a lot more alert, energetic, and focused! Visualize yourself at your ideal place of relaxation! To get you in the mood, I'll show you mine.

My ideal place of relaxation is on a beautiful beach. The beach is covered with the sand. It is so fantastic to walk on that sand! A hammock hangs between two palm trees. I often rest on it. A soft breeze caresses my face, I feel light and peaceful as the salty breeze blows in from the sea. I lie in the shade of the palm trees, but the warm sun radiates through the leaves here and there. The soft rumbling sound of the sea calms me as the salty aroma of the water tickles my nose. Seagulls hover above the blue-green sea. The temperature is just right. Tranquility radiates from everywhere around. I am alone on the beach. Then I sit, down on the sand at the edge of the sea, where the foam of the waves softly touches my legs, washing away any tension that may have remained in my body back into the sea.

This is my ideal place of relaxation for calming down, recuperating and re-energizing myself.

After The Silva Method Course

The post-course excitement and the desire to achieve better things can wane over time, and many people stop using Silva Method Techniques. This is unfortunate. In that case, the only thing I can suggest is that you keep practicing or, at the very least, relax every day. That is the minimum. I promise, it's worth it!

I have had the following discussion with many people: "Have you taken The Silva Method Course?"

"Oh yes, I was one of the first to take it."

"Are you practicing what you have learned? What kind of results are you having?"

"Well... I've gotten lazy, and I only use it when I am in trouble. And the results... well, since I am not using it regularly, I don't have many good results."

I suggest

you don't make the same mistake! Do not miss your relaxation, because then you'll go back to the same lifestyle as before you took the course.

I received an e-mail from a man once, asking me to program to help reach his goal, because he had become lazy and found that the techniques didn't work for him. Well, I went to my Laboratory, invited him in and, using the Helmet Technique, I imagined myself in his situation. Then, "as he," I went to my level, that is, I went into Alpha for a second time, and "as he," I started programming with objectives for him. Instead of providing him with his immediate goal, I was programming a desire for him to relax daily and practice the methods - and that the techniques would work and he would be able to help himself (all the time I was "in his shoes," as it were). The next day I received a new e-mail from the man with the following message, "I don't know what happened to me, but I now feel a new desire to practice Silva and the methods are working!"


Gabriella Domokos

Silva Method Master

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