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Learn more than 15 Mind empowering tools which help direct your mind energy to solve your problems easily, accelerate healing, improve your personal or business life and awaken your intuition. These practical tools are easy to learn and simple to use, in every aspect of your life. Your imagination is the only limit!

Over 6 million graduates – including Doctors, Scientists, Artists and Entrepreneurs – have used the Silva Method to create an extraordinary life for themselves and experience the full extent of their intuitive capabilities.

6 million people, 50 years of experience.

There is no other program like it!


Silva Life System

Imagine…that anytime, anywhere you will be able to tap into your highest intelligence and access altered states of mind to find answers to questions you have. The Silva Life System is the first step towards a life of joy and ease!


Silva Intuition System

Dive deep into your higher intelligence with the Silva Intuition System. Hone in on your intuition, learn how to heal yourself, and gain a level of inner connection and clarity all while getting the tools you can apply to hundreds of situations


Silva Masterclass

This10 week program focuses on the Law of Attraction, Abundance, and using Visualization, to fully direct your mental mindset. The perfect program for Silva Life and Intuition Program Graduates who want to take their skills to the next level.

Why Choose A Live Seminar?

Personalized Attention

You can ask the instructor questions directly and exchange experiences with both new and returning Silva graduates.

It's LIVE!

A live event will transform your brain cells creating a dynamic shift in the way you approach life. The changes you or other people make will affect each other multiplying the effect of the event for you.


Participants connect, share, make friends and find new perspectives.  You become part of a new community instead of feeling like you are alone in the world.

Join A Tribe

You will join is like joining a tribe. When one member in the tribe shifts and then begins to change, the whole group shifts together drastically improving the results you will achieve.

Follow Through

You will be much more likely to sustain that change and follow through with the commitment to yourself.

Personal Transformation

Whether you have set new goals or taking the time to create a mental housecleaning you will go through a process of personal transformation.

Silva Life System


The first step of the online Silva Method Program this course contains techniques to master your mind and body. Connect telepathically with others, ‘pick the brains’ of experts you would unlikely have access to, accelerate achieving your goals while increasing your energy and improving you health and well being.

You’ll also learn to be a master over stress and take control over even more aspects of your life such as

  • Getting to sleep without the use of drugs and waking fully rested

  • Creating richer connections in your relationship

  • Improving your memory in just 5 minute

  • Become much more creative

  • Transforming pain

  • Expanding your learning capacity

  • Activating the power in your mind to manifest goals

  • Tapping into a limitless storehouse of information in your mind

  • Getting a “gut feeling” or a vivid plan of action that rockets you towards your goals


The SLS is the necessary foundation to take charge of your life – wherever you are currently.


Held live online on Zoom every month for the first 4 Saturday from 10:00am -4:00pm with breaks through out the day. Course not held in the month of December.

Standard Registration for new students $697.00 CAD

Graduate Review $75.00

Silva Intuition System


Build on your learning in the online Silva Life System and continue on your journey of mindfulness and manifestation with The Silva Intuition System. It truly is the heart and soul of the Silva Method, a truly transformation course.

During these two days you will develop your intuition.

  • Make better decisions, and make decisions faster even without all the information

  • Solve problems creatively and find your inspiration

  • Develop spiritually

  • Learn how to help your family and friends

  • Improve your abilities to better communicate with children and pets whether a dog, a cat or a horse

  • Learn how to manifest for yourself and heal old wounds.


It is the key to find your life’s purpose and a life changing experience!

Held live online on Zoom twice a year for the first first 4 Saturday  of the month from 10:00am -4:00pm with break through out the day.


Dates to be announced!

Check our registration page for next available course or join our newsletter to be notified when dates become available!

Silva Online Masterclass


Are you looking to dive deeper into the Silva Method and dig into your innermost intelligence and intuition? This 10 session week live course is the key for you to open doors in your mind that you have never even discovered.

This small group and intimate class allows you to have the focused attention of  world class instructor Stephen Dobos and build realtionships and community with fellow classmates. best of all its LIVE to help you to achieve the best results and follow through!

Through out the 10 week we will focus on:

  • Law of Attraction

  • Abundance

  • Using Laboratory/Visualization

  • Mental mindset.

Fully commit to yourself and your journey to self improvement! Experience the Silva Method like never before!

Live online on Zoom Tuesday's 7:30- 9:00pm


Whats Included?

20 Minute 1:1 Couching Call with Stephen Dobos with in 12 months of the course (Silva Life System)

3 post course group Q&A sessions with free guided meditations

7 weeks of additional content after course to guide and deepen you learning

Community support through our Graduate Whatsapp and Facebook Group

Lifetime access to our Monthly Graduate Review

Lifetime Graduate discounted review privileges


Access to the Graduate only Assisting Team program- help others on their journey of self improvement!


Student manual


More than 6 million people including athletes, doctors, mothers, entrepreneurs in 121 countries, have transformed their lives through the Silva Method 4 Day Immersion Program.

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