Online Courses

Find the course that's right for you on your journey to a life of Abundance, Joy and Ease! All of our courses are taught LIVE online so you can be fully immersed in the teaching and tenchiques!

Silva Life System

Taught live online over the first 4 Saturdays of each month this course will guide you on your journey to claiming a life of Abundance , Joy and Ease!

Contains techniques to master your mind and body. The techniques help you to overcome stress, use your dreams to solve problems, improve your memory, manifest your goals without stress, improve your grades at all levels of education, manage discomfort and pain, go to sleep without the use of drugs, improve your relationships, live more lovingly, find lost items and enhance the use of your intuition. You will be trained in creating a life of Abundance with Joy and Ease while fulfilling all your dreams more easily.

The SLS is the necessary foundation to take charge of your life – wherever you are currently.

Taught online 4 consecutive Saturdays, 5 hrs each session followed with 3 weeks coaching.

Required to take  Silva Intuition and The Master Class.

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Silva Inutition System

The Silva Intuition System is designed for those who want to go deeper in intuition, mental projection, spiritual growth, and healing. This is the next step to living daily a life of Abundance, Joy and Ease. Truly a course of transformation.

During the Silva Intuition System, you will develop your intuition to make better decisions, make decisions faster even without all the information, solve problems creatively, find inspiration, develop spiritually, learn how to help your family and friends, improve your abilities to better communicate with children and pets whether a dog, a cat or a horse, learn how to manifest for yourself and heal old wounds. It is the key to find your life’s purpose.

SIS is taught live online for 4 consecutive Saturdays twice per year.

Silva Life Systems is required to register.

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The Masterclass

If you have taken the Silva Method, Abundance, Law of Attraction, Abraham Hicks, or practice or have learned to meditate, then the Abundance Master Class will give you clarity and guide you into your purpose in life. For Silva grads, you will refresh your skills with this intensive review.  


Topics Include:

  • I am Intuition

  • Laboratory mastery

  • Getting clarity with Mental Housecleaning

  • Creating abundance with the Mirror of the Mind

  • Solving problems with Glass of Water, Three Fingers

  • Improve Sleep

  • Improve well being

  • Master your mind with Clock and Awake control

  • Use your dreams to solve problems, send messages

  • Seeds of Purpose and many more

We will also practice Psychometry and will finish with a Case Working session. The program runs over 10 weeks of 1.5 calls with a meditation at the end of each one which your will receive for personal use.

Silva Life System is required to register.