Silva Success



Dec. 12. 2020

"Yesterday, I had a weird experience. I started to meditate, and as usual I started crying. Then, somehow I was normal and back to bed. While laying down, trying to sleep (and I couldn't until 3am), I felt a heaviness in my chest. I thought it might be due to acidity, or some gastric reaction to some food I ate. 

But then...

I felt that burning sensation was growing circled inside my chest and it started to burn. I could see red flames inside my mind, not literally though. But the feeling was real of something burning inside of me. It stopped in sometime. I felt a cool breeze inside my forehead and behind my eyes.  

Then I slept.

In the morning I could feel that the swelling in my neck had gone down about 75%.

I had swelling in my neck due to some enlarged thyroid. Something related to Hyperthyroidism. 

Now it is almost gone and I can see the nerves and the shape of my neck is better and more normal now."