Silva Method Canada
Caseworking Group

This group gathers to study and practice Caseworking together, with the goal of deepening their meditation practice and significantly enhancing their intuition.

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Why Caseworking?
Practicing Caseworking is the fastest and easiest way to deepen your meditation practice and boost your intuition.

About the Group
This group was created and is now led by Silva Method Canada Graduates who are committed to consistent Caseworking practice for personal growth and the betterment of others.

Here's what you can expect from our meetings:

  • We meet on Thursday evenings at 7 PM EST for approximately 30-40 minutes.​
  • ​Each week, independently study 2 cases and then share your findings with the group during the Thursday call.
  • ​You'll need to dedicate 45-60 minutes each week to study the cases and participate in the group discussions.
  • ​No expectations! You don't have to be experienced in Caseworking to attend. You don't even have to be good at it or share your own findings. The most important thing is your commitment to being present with the group and improving your personal practice.

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