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2024 Price Increase ~ Effective January 1, 2024
Silva Method Canada is committed to bringing you transformative and enriching experiences through our programs. In the spirit of continuous improvement and alignment with global pricing, we are increasing our prices as listed below.

New Students                                                       Graduate Reviews
Four Day Immersion: $1,947.00 + tax                     Four Day Immersion: $210.00 + tax
Silva Life System: $1,197.00 + tax                           Silva Life System: $120.00 + tax

Current pricing remains in effect for all bookings made before January 1st for 2024 classes.

Experience the Silva Method

Join a FREE live introduction to the Silva Method! This 2 hour free session through Zoom is an interactive experience where Stephen Dobos leads you through "How the mind works" and you can experience first hand the immense power your mind has to transform your life. It includes a 20 minute guided dynamic meditation and an opportunity to ask questions about the Silva Method program. Current members comment that the group meditation is one of their favourite parts of the call.

Group Coaching Session

With Stephen Dobos

Come together in a group coaching session to explore and deepen your practice of mindfulness and meditation. Stephen Dobos will guide you through an interactive 60 minute group coaching session online on Zoom where you will have an opportunity to ask and explore your burning questions. The nature of these sessions is to share an intention of cultivating mindfulness and inner peace through meditation, and asking the questions you have to get you there. You will gain a deeper understanding of how the Silva Method and meditation can unlock the power of your mind to find a life of abundance, joy, and ease.

The Four Day Immersion

The Full Silva Method Program!

Elevate your experience of life with the Silva Four Day Immersion, the full Silva Method Program, both Parts 1 & 2, in-person over a 4-days. Part 1, covered in the first 2 days, teaches meditation, accessing your Alpha level, visualization, and manifestation. Advance on Days 3 and 4 with the Silva Intuition System, and develop your intuition, enhance psychic abilities, deepen your connection with higher intelligence, and explore advanced healing techniques with caseworking. This course offers 40 hours of live instruction, Silva manuals, a completion certificate, and ongoing support resources.

Part 1 - Silva Life System

Achieve your goals and learn to meditate with the Silva Life System - Part 1. Online via Zoom, the foundational segment of the 2-part Silva Method Program. This live-instructed course empowers you with concrete techniques to manage stress, enhance well-being, and achieve your life goals. Learn how to meditate, access your Alpha level, tapping into your subconscious mind, visualization, and manifestation. The course offers 20 hours of live instruction, the SLS Manual, a completion certificate, and ongoing support resources.

Part 2 - Silva Intuition System

Unlock your life's purpose and connect with yourself on a profound level with the Silva Intuition System (SIS), the second part of the Silva Method Program. Building upon the Silva Life System, SIS empowers you to develop intuition, enhance psychic abilities, deepen your connection with higher intelligence, and explore advanced healing techniques with caseworking. To access SIS, first complete the Silva Life System. This online course offers 20 hours of live instruction, the SIS Manual, a completion certificate, a completion certificate, and ongoing support resources.

Abundance Masterclass

The Abundance Masterclass is not a Silva Method program, but a program designed by Stephen Dobos to help you focus and implement the strategies and techniques you already know into your life to deepen your practice. Whether you have taken a Silva Method course or any other self-development, healing or manifesting program before, this Masterclass is a wonderful addition to help you take what you know, and find new ways to apply it to your everyday life. The Abundance Masterclass is open to everyone of any program or experience level.

Held Tuesday evenings for a 6 week semester live, online on Zoom, each week the group learns about and discusses a topic together. From the Law of Attraction and Visualization, to Mental Mindset and finding Abundance, each week is a new topic for you to find a deeper connection with yourself and your practice.

Through sharing your experiences in small personal groups you have the opportunity to come together to learn from each other. With it comes the potential to find a “new” gem and take what you have, create something new, and put it into practice. Whether by being reminded of a technique you forgot, finding new ways to use a tool through someone else's story, or by having that “Aha!” moment you’ve been looking for. Best of all it's LIVE to help you to achieve the best results and follow through!