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Ravi was able to get a new job with the Silva Method!

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Evelyn C. 7:58 PM
Tension is gone 😊
Rashmita M. 7:58 PM
More calm mind
Marcela S. 7:58 PM
Jill B. 8:14 PM
Laura M. 8:14 PM
Love it!
Laura M. 8:40 PM
Elizabeth K. 8:41 PM
That was so breathtakingly enlightening and awakening. Thank you!!
Maryam B. 8:41 PM
Jamie B. 8:41 PM
That was a great exercise!
Jill B. 8:41 PM
Grateful and simple
Roxana K. 7:58 PM
Renate E. 7:58 PM
Very relaxed, calmer mind
Elizabeth K. 7:58 PM
Like floating, so relaxing
Laura M. 7:58 PM
Very relaxing and rejuvenating.
etelle 7:58 PM
Very relaxing
Vicky A. 7:53 PM
Sandra 7:53 PM
I felt more relaxed
Serena M. 7:53 PM
Calm and relaxed
Leslee J. 7:53 PM
Felt like I was suspended in space : )
Monica 7:53 PM
Drifted in & out of sleep states
Leila N. 7:53 PM
I became aware of the chatter in my mind.
Sandra 7:53 PM
I felt like the water was covering my feet

Prashant Gour

Thanks for a great session last weekend, it was great. I started getting up on time at the exact time without my alarm.

Peggy Van De Plassche

I loved the programming and meditation, the mental housecleaning, the 3 to 1 method, the mirror of the mind...! I definitely highly recommend!

Karen Cumming

What I enjoyed about it so much - and continue to enjoy - is that Silva is different from other human development programs.


"At the greenhouse I work at as head grower last year, we planted 16 different tomato varieties. Very commercial ones like beefsteak and cherry tomatoes, but also heirloom varieties. All of them were grafted into a variety that is resident to many kinds of tomato viruses. Due to a big climate stress, four kinds of viruses infected the entire crop, all 16 varieties, but the heirloom were the most infected. Everybody in the greenhouse considered them a loss.

I did not let them down. I asked everybody to stop saying negative things about them, instead only tell those plants that we would take care of them. On my side I did meditation in my lab. I created a conference room where I requested the Deva of tomatoes to help the tomato varieties with stronger resistance to the viruses. To teach the heirloom how to deal with them. I left the room and let them work on it. Three weeks later, the plants showed a big improvement, giving nice flowers. At six weeks they were producing really nice fruits, including a 1.4kg fruit in the photo that Syliva sent you. All of the team was astonished with the results. I was very happy to know that human beings can do that much."

Connect with our
upcoming Silva Programs!

Connect with our
upcoming Silva Programs!

Izabela Beden

"I am very happy that I made the decision to attend the Silva Method course. The course provides great insight into how one's mind works and how we can use it to help ourselves and others around us. It was great to spend the weekend listening to Stephen; the sessions were very informative, open to questions from the audience, and there was not a boring second! Meditations were well-guided and explained, and we were welcomed to share our feedback and experiences."

Lisa's business overflowed and she had to book people in a whole month out!

I suffered from Dyslexia throughout my life until I applied the techniques I learned in the Silva Method. I am literally free of this life long handicap of dyslexia, learning to spell virtually overnight at the age of forty and developing a heightened ‘Spiritual Sensitivity’ that allowed me to write Unshriven, my first published book.

June Kidd

I am able to dance, walk and drive my car again after being paralyzed in my left leg and arm for 14 years. I regained the full use of my left arm and leg after suffering a stroke. As a nurse, I have seen many stroke patients who never recovered. I am so grateful for learning the Silva Method. My life is transformed.

Betty Perry

Connect with our
upcoming Silva Programs!

Connect with our
upcoming Silva Programs!

How Do I Get Rid Of Mosquitoes - Using the Silva Method

Great experience for me, I personally came to find out what it was about. I realize that I have to just let go and allow it to come.
Some things come easier to me. Your energy and instructional abilities were truly impressive.
Thanks for setting me up with some good tools.


January 23, 2023

Vlad Dascalu

January 2023

Good morning beautiful beings! I wanted to drop in a little meditation motivation this AM to fuel the flame. This morning I woke up spiralling and feeding into my insecurities. I kept wanting to distract myself so I wouldn't sit with those self-deprecating thoughts. I thought about meditating but I didn't want to be alone with my mind. Eventually I decided to drop in. Almost immediately those loud voices inside my head quieted down and a sense of peace came over me. I began doing the mental house cleaning and replaced the negative thinking with their opposite positive ones, imagining myself that I was being cleansed with a bue-ish white light. That light brought me into a subtle yet serene vibratory state. I'm in a completely different mood now. The world that we see is truly a HALL OF MIRRORS. Whatever is happening on the inside (our thoughts and feelings) are reflected on the outside. This is the main theme and lesson I've been learning. If you want to clean up your external world, start within. This is what I'm learning to be the essence of source energy. We are the source. Go to the source. Go inside. ❤️