The Silva Life System

Part 1 of the Silva Method Program.

The Silva Life System will teach you how to meditate, and you will learn straightforward formula type techniques that you can use to change your daily life. Discover your full potential and a more conscious way of living.

During the course more than 17 techniques will be shared and practiced, including:

  • ​Alarm Clock​ ​
  • ​ Sleep & Dream Control
  • ​Glass Of Water​
  • Energizing
  • ​​Hand Levitation/Glove Anesthesia
  • ​ 3 Fingers Technique​
  • ​​Headache Relief
  • ​Mental Screen/Memory Pegs
  • ​Mirror Of The Mind
  • ​​Long Relax Exercise
  • ​​Fantastic Voyage Exercise
  • ​​Laboratory & Counselors.

English Courses:

Over 1 weekend on Saturday and Sunday
9 AM - 7 PM EST / 6 AM - 4 PM PST
Online on Zoom

Includes 3 follow up Zoom calls, the 3 consecutive Wednesdays following the course.


General Registration
New Students: $1,197.00 CAD
Graduate Review: $120.00 CAD

Early Bird Offer
New Students: $987.00 CAD

Taxes included in all pricing.

Available Dates:

Formations en français:

Vendredi 18h - 21h HNE
Samedi 10h à 18h HNE
Dimanche 10h à 17h HNE
En direct sur Zoom

2 rencontres virtuelles de groupe, 2 mardis soir consécutifs suivant la formation.


Prix régulier
Nouveaux élèves : $974.00 CAD

Diplômés (révision): $120.00 CAD

Taxes incluses.

Dates disponibles :