Do you kiss your dog (cat or guinea pig)?

Monday, December 06, 2021

Silva Method Blog/Do you kiss your dog (cat or guinea pig)?

Our first dog, my first but the fourth for my wife, became a part of our family about three years ago. It was then that I began to observe how we interact with these great animals. Animals that rely on us just as much as we rely on them.

We rely on them (pets of any kind) for a routine, for support when we are down, for companionship when no one else is around, and for play when we're in the mood. For many, a dog isn't just a family member; it's like a surrogate child, and we connect with them in a way unique to each one of us. I guess this is why a dog is man’s best friend. Yet we can also learn how to navigate relationships with others.

Our pets are clearly communicating their behaviour with us. For instance, when my dog Jimmy was small and I took him for a walk, sometimes he would lie on the ground and not go further. In my first few uneducated attempts I pulled him only to realize that doesn’t work. Not for him. Neither for me. Or when I touched him too quickly without him seeing, and he nipped me. Clearly, I wasn’t dog trained. So I too went to the trainer and learned some tips. What I learned is simple.

Set my boundaries and provide motivation.

Dog motivation is actually very simple now that they told me. Having some food he likes ( I now cook steak for him or boil chicken hearts Yummy!) in my pocket and make sure he knows it. I reward him with small tasty bits when he does something I ask him to, but not always. Be consistent in my behaviour with him. Reward him. Challenge him. Play. Do it all regularly. Often give him what he wants and he will get to know that and in time will do things I want him to do too. And this is true for each one of us.

Our personal relationships require the same connection.

It's essential to understand what the other person needs from us. We do that by observing and learning about their past pains. Then we first give what the other person needs, love, patience, acceptance, compassion, acknowledgment, and so forth. It will probably be uncomfortable because it seems that what others need from us is actually what we need to develop in ourselves. And as we continue to give it, we will develop our true selves while our relationships will thrive. Soon what we need will be freely given.

Second, is to be aware of your boundaries and stick to them. Take time for yourself, turn off your phone, go out for a walk alone or read the book. Do it regularly and make sure others know what your boundaries are as it is then that they can respect them too.Rushing to do something for another when you are taking time for yourself is not serving you.

I know, it’s not easy and if you are a mother then you are never truly on your own, yet you can still set it up to make it work.

Wishing you Abundance, Joy and Ease,

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