Every minute counts.

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Silva Method Blog/Every minute counts.

Saturate the minutes of your day with ease, abundance, and joy.

How? Meditate.

Meditation is like a rocket ship to attaining abundance, ease, and joy in your life. It accelerates the process of attaining your deepest desires.

Meditation helps tune your mind's radio to the channel of intuition, and cleans up all the static from a bad signal. There is nothing that will move you in the direction you truly desire to go as quickly as meditation.

Whether it is business success, continued health, happiness, a romantic relationship, or living your life with high energy and purpose, meditation is the key to unlocking your full potential.

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Imagine your mind as a garden, and each thought as a seed. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, our mental garden can become cluttered with negative thoughts, worries, and distractions. Meditation is the tool that allows you to clear out the weeds and plant the seeds of positivity, intention, and focus.

As you sit in stillness, breathing deeply and letting go of the chaos of the external world, you create space for the flowers of your desires to bloom. With each mindful breath, you water these desires, nurturing them until they become your reality.

Meditation is not a magic wand that instantly grants your wishes, but it is the compass that guides you on the path to fulfillment. It teaches you to be present in the moment, to appreciate the beauty of the now while keeping your eyes on the horizon of your dreams.

As you make meditation a daily practice, you'll notice a shift in your mindset. Your thoughts will become more aligned with your goals, and you'll find it easier to take inspired actions. The doubts that once held you back will dissipate like morning fog in the sunlight of your newfound clarity.

Begin your journey with the Silva Method.

For business, meditation can be the secret weapon that sharpens your focus and enhances your decision-making abilities.

For health, meditation has been proven to reduce stress, boost the immune system, and promote overall well-being.

Happiness is not a destination but a state of being. By training your mind to find contentment in the present moment, you release the need for external circumstances to validate your happiness.

For relationships, meditation can help you build deeper connections with others and foster a loving relationship with yourself.

Finding energy and purpose, is not an accident but a choice. Meditation empowers you to channel your energy into meaningful endeavors. It's the difference between living on autopilot and taking the wheel of your destiny.

So, as you move through your day, remember that every minute counts. Each moment is an opportunity to realign with your desires, to infuse your life with ease, abundance, and joy.

Make meditation a priority, and watch as the minutes transform into a life of fulfillment and purpose. Your journey to your deepest desires begins with a single breath.

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Wishing you Abundance, Joy and Ease,
Stephen Dobos

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Hi, I'm Stephen Dobos

Abundance Scientist, Coach and Silva Method Instructor

Being a Silva Method Instructor is not a job to me. It is my passion, a way of life! When I first learned about the Silva Method, I was unsure about it, but it's effects jumped out pretty quickly.

Now I teach the Silva Method to help others find its life changing benefits. And there's always new ways to learn and grow. I created this blog to share real life examples of how the Silva Mind Control Method works.

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