How serious are you about manifesting?

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Silva Method Blog/How serious are you about manifesting?

We recently posted a video with an interview of Helen Hadsell..….and we are getting a lot of comments about it. If you haven’t watched it yet, click here to watch the video.

Comments like the one below.
“How do we know she won every contest she entered? She may have entered thousands and won a few, and only those were listed as having entered. Thank You!”

Skeptics are the best kind of people to test and challenge what is proclaimed. When and if the skeptic is ready to put their skepticism to the test and prove that they are in the right or……wrong. That is the best place to come from.

That is where magic….or manifestation happens. It happens in a place of curiosity, a place where desire is strong and where belief can be grown and developed.

So how would I respond?

“It’s a good question. I don’t have physical proof. What I have is what she wrote in her book where she explains how she made several entries in each of the contests, [sometimes hundreds]. She used common sense to mathematically increase her odds while practice the laws of attraction to manifest winning it. Either way, even though she entered 1000 entries in a contest with for example 50,000, 100,000 or 1 million total entries, her odds of winning would have been 1 in 50, 1 in 100 or 1 in a 1000. Winning in each one means she did something better than others. That is, this was a real job for her. She took it seriously and she did what she could to win. In the end, isn't that how we manifest? We use all of our abilities to create the outcome we desire.”

The motivation is to tell all of Helen. Why did she enter contests?
Was it to lie to people that she won?
Was it to prove she could win?
Was it for her own ego?
No. No. And NO.

Helen entered contests, because she wanted to do more for her family than be a housewife on her husbands adequate salary. She did this to get her family gifts, and herself, that she really wanted but couldn’t afford. The basic needs were met, but a little more would have been nice. Her skill set was limited with only a high school education. So she stayed inside of her skill set and fulfilled her desires through additional actions. She used the universal science of the law of attraction and became a Master Practitioner of this science. A science by the way that many pay thousands of dollars to learn.

That was her motivation.

Following this train of thought, I urge you to watch the video and see what you get out of it. Make your own comments if you wish or, even better, try it for yourself.

Test the techniques she explains.
Buy her book even to get more insights.

You can also watch my videos to get some tips. To do this better than you are doing it today. 
Or you can check out my video which summarizes the key ideas: How to win the lottery

Remember, your true deep motivation is a great starting point.
Start small in something that you feel is relatively easy to start with - a raffle at school or your church - or a small local sweapstakes and remember to track your results. It will make all the difference to track your results.

You can do it if you set your mind to it.

Remember, both mental and physical action are necessary.

Wishing you Abundance, Joy and Ease
Stephen Dobos

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Hi, I'm Stephen Dobos

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Now I teach the Silva Method to help others find its life changing benefits. And there's always new ways to learn and grow. I created this blog to share real life examples of how the Silva Mind Control Method works.

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