How to achieve the goals that matter.

Saturday, February 05, 2022

Silva Method Blog/How to achieve the goals that matter.

One of the 5 areas of Carolyn Deal’s Balanced Goal System is Contribution aka Service. It’s an area that most goal systems overlook. It’s also the area that is most satisfying, taking many forms. And it’s something we all do in our own unique way. It can even take the form of decorating your house.

Just around the corner from our house is a townhouse which is artistically decorated each month. In addition to the regular themes of Halloween, Christmas, and Easter, this house is decorated for New Year’s, winter, Valentine’s Day, and even seasonal changes. When I walk the dog, I enjoy walking by this house to check out the new look and enjoy its vibe. Today was no different except for one thing. I really wanted to share my appreciation with her. I feel she contributes regularly to our community and wanted her to know that.

As this occurred to me, I was thinking about how I could appreciate her. Perhaps I’ll write an anonymous Thank You card and maybe put in a coffee gift card to say thanks for being a contribution. I was thinking I would drop it in her mailbox and walk away. Then I imagined giving it to her directly and her appreciating it with some words. As I was doing this, I let my dog Jimmy lead me. All of a sudden, we were in front of her house and I was enjoying the light show. Then a woman walked out the door of the house and it was the perfect moment to appreciate her - so I did. I let her know she is contributing to me and the neighbourhood and it was wonderful. Her smile told me she was pleased. I was also pleased I could tell her. I was satisfied with myself. And that’s all it takes. A real desire to contribute and magic happens.

Magic indeed.

How incidental it is that as I think of contributing to her, I end up in front of her house as she walks out the door. What perfection. What more could I want in life then to get what I want at exactly the right moment. Not earlier. Not later. Just exactly then.

And in this perfect setup, we both walked away feeling we made a difference. Contribution is wealth that lasts. It’s invisible wealth. Wealth that gives you peace and pleasure. Is there anything else that we need?

So thank you for contributing in your own special way. Contributing to others is your own personal gold.

Wishing you abundance, joy, and ease,
Stephen Dobos

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Hi, I'm Stephen Dobos

Abundance Scientist, Coach and Silva Method Instructor

Being a Silva Method Instructor is not a job to me. It is my passion, a way of life! When I first learned about the Silva Method, I was unsure about it, but it's effects jumped out pretty quickly.

Now I teach the Silva Method to help others find its life changing benefits. And there's always new ways to learn and grow. I created this blog to share real life examples of how the Silva Mind Control Method works.

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