How to log into the new Abundance Membership

Logging in takes a couple steps, but it's okay! Once you know them, they are easy to follow.

When you click to log in you will see a screen asking for your email address. From here there are 2 different ways to log in.

1. With what's called a magic link. With this method, you don't need to have or remember your password, you just need access to your email inbox from your device.

2. You can log in with password and use your password for all future visits to our website.

For detailed instructions, keep reading!

1. Log in with Magic Link

1. Enter your email address and select "Remember me".

2. Click Request Magic Link. Make sure you only click the button once to keep it simple.

3. Check your email inbox for an email from Stephen Dobos. If you don't see one, check your promotions tab or your spam filter. *Important: if you clicked the request magic link button more than once, you will receive multiple emails. Only the newest email will let you continue.*

4. Click "Login Now."

Remember this email will expire after 1 hour so you will need to repeat this process when you come back. Make sure to select "Remember me".

You can also create a password for your account to log in with to skip the magic link.

2. Log in with Password

Unfortunately, we cant offer you to set up your password when you sign up. Here is the quickest way to get you set up and rolling with a new Silva Password.

1. It's going to start the same way as the Magic Link but this time you're going to press the "Log in with Password" link.

2. If you have already created a password, enter your email address and password, select "Remember me" and click the "Log In" Button. Otherwise continue to step 3.

3. To set up your password, click "Create a Password (or reset password)"

4. Enter your email address.

5. Click "Reset password".

6. Go to your email inbox and look for an email from Stephen Dobos. It may take a few moments to arrive.

7. Click "Change my password".

8. Enter your new password into text fields, then press "Change my password".

9. You did it! Thanks for bearing through this. Now that you've created your password, continue to sign in with Steps 1 and 2.